A New Year Begins!

Each year as we begin to prepare for autumn and the arrival of the children for the first day of school, there is such excitement in the air! We are beginning a new journey together, putting our best foot forward, and preparing to celebrate the seasons together.

At Sunseeds, the seasons are what determine all of our activities: our circle games, our stories, and certainly our outdoor play. We even decorate our classroom according to the mood of the season. We bring nature indoors and place it on our nature table. We live by the seasons. 

There is a depth of wisdom in following the seasonal round. It helps us remember that Mother Nature has an innate rhythm. It helps us know that the starry world has a cosmic order. It helps us remember that the turning of the seasons is connected to everything that is. And so we learn that there is a higher Truth guiding our lives here on this beautiful Earth. Something real and substantial yet larger than we can fathom. 

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Barbara Holloway