Inspired learning, inside & out...

We are blessed to be located on 4 forested acres surrounded by farmland and piedmont wilderness. We are a short walk to the beautiful Haw River, and we have 3 ponds and a creek flowing in our neighborhood. Our classroom encompasses two fenced-in play yards and a home-based indoor space. We also take long walks once a week to places in nature close to our home-based classroom.  We visit creeks, marshes, ponds, and meadows surrounding Sunseeds.


Our classroom is based in a living, breathing home. It is our intention to be a living example of what a home can be like when we choose to create it to be a haven for children. Our toys are all made from natural materials such as silk, wool, and wood, and we offer open-ended playthings such as wooden blocks, playstands, play cloths, and large tree blocks in order to engage a child’s will and imagination. Our home classroom features a large screened-in porch in order for the children to experience the fresh air and the sounds of nature while they play during the warmer months of the year.  We use soft, warm colors indoors in order to provide a nurturing and healthy environment to support the growing young child.



Our fenced-in outdoor play garden is designed to engage young children with nature, plain and simple. Our play structures are made of wood, and we use tree stumps and stones to design areas of play.  We have small gardens around the play yard, which the children help us to cultivate throughout the seasonal year. We have swings, a sandpit, and a wonderful hill where the children love to run, slide and roll down! We are blessed to be located on 4 acres of forested land, and we play in the forest when the season permits.