inspiring, loving, Waldorf-trained ...


Rebecca Foster,
Lead Teacher

A North Carolina native,  Rebecca Foster is certified by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) as a Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher.  She gained her certification in 3 years, in the full immersion training at the Waldorf Teacher Training Eugene, within the Eugene Waldorf School in Eugene, OR. She brings 15 years experience teaching in Waldorf classrooms. In addition, she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and Human Development and has studied deeply the work of child development experts such as Jean Piaget, David Elkind, Joseph Chilton Pearce, and Kim John Payne.  She is the mother of a wonderful, kind, and compassionate 14 year old boy and she has found motherhood to be a great joy as well as a wonderful way to learn about and study the growing human being. Rebecca has a deep calling to connect children with the natural world, and she is especially passionate about plants.  Rebecca has been a certified herbalist for 22 years. She loves to paint, draw, hike, backpack, swim, dance, kayak, basket weave, and sing.


Lizzie Jacobs,
Teaching Assistant

My Name is Lizzie, and I became interested in Waldorf education after having my daughter and attending the Parent/Child class at Emerson Waldorf School.  I fell in love with the natural approach Waldorf education offers, and I am particularly passionate about providing an environment for children to be in nature, play freely, explore, and simply dwell in an unrushed childhood.  I have just completed the training in London, UK to be a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher, and I am delighted to return to North Carolina to work at Sunseeds.  As well as working with children, I am a personal chef and love creating nourishing and tasty food for all ages.